Market position

In 2019, we maintained high loan market shares, both in terms of volume and sales of selected products. We strengthened our position in the individual and institutional savings, and kept the leading position on the individuals’ investment funds market.

Annual Report
Loans market
Savings market
Sale of mortgage loans
Investment funds market of individuals

Competitive advantage

We stand out on the Polish financial market thanks to our competitive edge, which allows us to pursue our mission and effectively achieve goals set out in the strategy “We support the development of Poland and the Poles” for the years 2016-2020. Our key competitive advantages compared to our main competitors include:

PKO Bank Polski is the most valuable company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. As at the end of 2019, its value was assessed at PLN 43.1 billion. The current scale of operations and results achieved by the bank outperforms its domestic competitors.

The bank, as the technological leader of the Polish banking sector, uses its potential for building and implementing solutions, which increase the level of advancement of the financial sector, the economy and the quality of life of Poles. In 2019, PKO Bank Polski was awarded the title of “Bank of the Year in Poland” for the fifth time.

In 2018, the bank was the only company out of 37 Polish firms included in the group of large companies in the FTSE Russell index for developed markets.

The largest multi-channel distribution network on the Polish market creates an environment for increasing the Group’s revenue and diversifying its revenue sources.

The broad reach of the distribution network enables us to provide banking products and services in a manner that is most convenient for our customers. This also applies to customers in locations that are not served by the bank’s main competitors.

The bank’s largest customer base allows us to set the high standards for customer service, offered products and services, and technological innovations. The potential for setting market standards together with our strong position in enterprise financing gives to the Group a competitive advantage over its largest competitors.

The bank is continuing its digital transformation. It utilizes innovation and modern technology by swiftly transforming itself into PKO Banking Platform.

IKO – the bank’s mobile application, which is the most popular and most transactional application on the Polish market, was distinguished as the best in the world according to the Retail International Banker ranking, which covers 100 bank applications worldwide.

The bank is engaged in development of e-administration, supporting digitization of social life. The National Cloud Operator, whose key shareholder and initiator is the bank, will support the digital transformation processes and provide innovative technological solutions.

PKO Bank Polski, in cooperation with start-ups, systematically implements innovative technological solutions. It is also a pioneer in the use of blockchain technology in the Polish banking sector.

The bank stands out due to its comprehensive product offer addressed to firms and corporations, and offers a full range of modern financial solutions: settlement and transaction products, loan and deposit products, as well as specialist brokerage services, leasing and factoring. The bank addresses the needs of Polish entrepreneurs who are open to new development directions and supports them in foreign expansion.

Apart from the standard banking services, corporate customers can for example conduct bookkeeping on their own or open an online shop – using iPKO.

PKO Bank Polski provides unique opportunities for career development to its employees. Expert teams set high standards in the Polish banking sector. Our client trust demands from us commitment and professional approach.

The bank’s vast product range and operational scale allows our employees to be involved in diverse projects and form multidisciplinary teams. We offer them training possibilities to advance their careers and obtain new experience. We are aware that employees who create a good working environment and care about staff career development, gain in two ways – by having strong financial performance, and retaining motivated teams. We believe that the bank’s employees are its strength and capital.

The bank provides not only competitive compensation and bonus system, but also motivates its employees by offering to them additional benefits:

  • private healthcare,
  • group insurance,
  • discounts for employees
  • banking products and
  • access to the so-called MyBenefit platform,
  • Employee Pension Program.

PKO Bank Polski has a secure and stable financing structure that is based on customer deposits, mainly retail customers’ deposits, while PKO Bank Hipoteczny is the leader among Polish issuers of mortgage covered bonds. The latter’s competence in the field of issues on the debt market enables it to access the Polish and international markets, ensuring diversification of financing sources to conduct its operations.

The high assessment of the bank’s financial credibility has been verified during the European stress tests, which confirmed that PKO Bank Polski is one of the safest banks in Europe.

Market shares

31.12.2015 31.12.2016 31.12.2017 31.12.2018 31.12.2019 Change 2019/2018
Loans to: 17.9% 17.8% 17.7% 17.6% 17.9% 0.3 p.p
private individuals, including: 22.9% 22.8% 23.0% 22.9% 22.8% -0.1 p.p
housing loans 25.5% 25.7% 26.1% 26.1% 25.8% -0.3 p.p
PLN 28.7% 28.6% 28.6% 28.3% 27.6% -0.7 p.p
foreign currency 21.5% 21.4% 21.2% 21.0% 20.9% -0.1 p.p
consumer and other 16.1% 15.8% 15.9% 15.8% 16.3% 0.5 p.p
in current account 33.9% 32.6% 32.0% 32.1% 32.4% 0.3 p.p
institutional entities 13.0% 12.9% 12.8% 12.7% 13.1% 0.4 p.p
Non-Treasury debt securities (indebtedness)
28.8% 29.2% 29.3% 32.4% 30.7% -1.7 p.p
Sales of mortgage loans
24.9% 31.9% 29.6% 28.9% 25.7% -3.2 p.p
Total savings*
16.5% 16.1% 17.3% 18.4% 18.4% 0.0 p.p
savings of individuals** 20.8% 20.8% 21.2% 22.1% 22.7% 0.6 p.p
Deposits: 17.9% 17.3% 17.9% 18.1% 17.9% -0.2 p.p
individuals 20.7% 20.7% 20.4% 20.2% 20.8% 0.6 p.p
institutional entities 14.0% 12.4% 14.5% 15.2% 13.8% -1.4 p.p
TFI assets – funds of individuals
14.7% 14.6% 17.5% 22.1% 20.1% -2.0 p.p
Brokerage activities – transactions on the secondary market***
9.1% 9.4% 14.7% 7.7% 7.5% -0.2 p.p


*Total savings include total deposits, TFI assets and retail savings bonds.
**Savings of individuals include deposits of individuals, funds of individuals and Treasury savings bonds.
***Taking into account the effect of intermediation in the sale of shares of Pekao SA in 2017. If eliminated, the share of brokerage activities in transactions on the secondary market would amount to 11.2%.

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