Operating segments

We conduct our business activities in segments that offer products and services to specific groups of customers – they include retail and corporate and investment segments. Such division ensures consistency with our sales management model.

Annual Report

We offer a full range of banking products and services to individuals as part of retail and private banking, which include: current accounts, savings accounts, term deposits, private banking services, investment and insurance products, credit and debit cards, electronic banking services, consumer and housing loans, business loans and leases. The retail segment also includes transactions concluded with companies and enterprises, developers, cooperatives and real estate managers.

10.9 million
PLN 179 billion
Financing granted
PLN 263 billion
Savings volume

Transactions concluded with corporate customers, local government authorities and financial institutions comprise: transactional banking (incl. maintaining accounts), deposits and other products for liquidity management, trade finance, Treasury products, loan-related products that finance both current and investment needs (incl. leasing and factoring). This segment also comprises brokerage activities and own activities, i.e. managing the bank’s liquidity and investing activities.

15.8 thous.
PLN 74 billion
Financing granted
PLN 50 billion
Deposits volume

Retail segment

In 2019, we continued to build strong and long-term relationships with our customers in the retail segment. We focused on adapting products to customer needs and on developing access tools and channels to enable customers convenient finance management from any place and at any time.

By the end of 2019, the retail segment serviced nearly 10.9 million customers:

  • 10.4 million individuals,
  • 0.5 million companies and enterprises.

From the beginning of 2019, the number of customers serviced in the retail segment increased by 279 thousand, mainly comprising retail and private banking and individual business lines. We have changed the method of presentation of the number of customers in this segment. The existing approach was based on the product perspective and individual business lines, while the new methodology is focused on the potential for further development of the existing relationship with the customer. The new methodology was applied to all years presented in the chart.

At the end of 2019:

  • the aggregate financing of customers in the retail segment amounted to nearly PLN 179 billion (+6.4% y/y). This was mainly due to the growth of the portfolio of PLN-denominated mortgage banking loans (+PLN 7.8 billion), loans for companies and enterprises (+PLN 2.1 billion), and retail and private banking (+PLN 2.9 billion), accompanied by a decrease in the portfolio of foreign-currency mortgage loans (-PLN 2.0 billion),
  • lease receivables in the retail segment amounted to PLN 13.0 billion (+16.3% y/y),
  • savings in the retail segment increased to PLN 263 billion (+12.3% y/y) due to an increase in the level of retail and private banking deposits (mainly current deposits) and Treasury savings bonds.

The bank strengthened its position as the market leader in terms of the number of current accounts, which went up by almost 14% over the past three years, despite a drop in the number of bank’s outlets. According to the new criteria for account classification, the bank reports all active accounts that have potential for increased cooperation with the customer.

Group’s activities on the housing loans market:

  • granted loans to individuals totalling PLN 15.6 billion, maintaining its leading position on the market with a 25.7% share over the whole of 2019,
  • introduced new “green mortgage” offer that gives customers a lower margin if they provide an energy-performance certificate for the real estate property that constitutes collateral,
  • replaced the reference rate for new mortgage loans and advances to 6M WIBOR from 3M WIBOR,
  • enabled activation of a further tranche of mortgage loans through the iPKO service,
  • enabled mortgage-related correspondence to be sent to the customer’s e-mail address.

Activities with regard to consumer loans:

  • extended product offer to include a loan earmarked for financing the purchase and installation of photovoltaic panels,
  • introduced the possibility of documenting income based on the account history,
  • cancelled the requirement to apply security for a revolving loan up to PLN 200 thousand,
  • increased the availability of financing for customers by reducing the minimum amount of cash advances to PLN 500 and increased the maximum available amount of the loan to PLN 200 thousand,
  • supported financing of entities in culture and creativity sectors, as part of the new “Creative Europe” guarantee programme launched on the initiative of the European Commission.

Activities with regard to the transactions and savings offer:

  • introduced a deposit for new funds with an interest rate of 1.9% p.a. to mark the bank’s centenary,
  • introduced the possibility to pay income tax on the governmental portal www.epodatki.gov.pl using the Paybynet system,
  • extended the time for concluding currency conversion transactions via iPKO dealer for corporate customers – the currency exchange office is available 24 hours from Monday to Friday,
  • carried out a subscription for structured deposits,
  • introduced the “Safe Plan” life insurance for personal banking customers, offering financial safety for close relatives in the event of death of the insured person,
  • launched a virtual car rental centre at pkoleasing.pl to support digitalization of customer services,
  • launched a partnership program designated for the Premier League clubs for promotion of bank’s products.

Corporate and investment segment

Customers who are interested in expanding to international markets may use a wide range of products and services such as: transaction banking, including international cash pooling, e-banking, Treasury products, trade finance and corporate loans, offered by the bank’s foreign branches.

The corporate and investment segment provided services to over 15.8 thousand customers in 2019:

  • nearly 8.5 thousand corporate customers,
  • nearly 1.3 thousand strategic,
  • nearly 0.9 thousand foreign,
  • 4.9 thousand local and central government institutions,
  • 4 thousand financial customers.

In 2019, the number of customers serviced in this segment increased by more than 0.4 thousand. The bank has maintained its position as the market leader in servicing the largest local government units: handling the budgets of 9 voivodships and 9 voivodship main cities. It has systematically reinforced its leading position in the financing of the Polish economy, both on its own and as a member of numerous banking syndicates.

The bank supports the Polish economy and participates in financing of strategic investments and local government projects. Such financing takes the form of syndicated and bilateral loans or issues of securities.

At the end of 2019, the total financing of corporate customers amounted to PLN 74 bln (+4.4% y/y). The increase was mainly related to loan and lease receivables.

We offer our clients wide access to funds for the financing of complex investment projects, and services of advisors focused on selecting the optimal form of financing and repayment terms.

We have also intensified our activities in respect of pension products: Employee Pension Schemes (PPE – Pracownicze Programy Emerytalne) and Employee Capital Plans (PPK – Pracownicze Plany Kapitałowe) offered to corporate customers.

The level of corporate deposits as at 31 December 2019 amounted to nearly PLN 50 bln and decreased by more than PLN 5 bln since the beginning of the year, mainly due to a drop in term deposits of the budgetary sector.

Group’s activities related to customer service and transaction banking:

  • extended the agreement with the Social Insurance Office (ZUS) for opening and maintaining consolidated FUS, FEP and ZUS accounts and executing mass transfers,
  • implemented regulatory changes resulting from PSD2,
  • implemented regulatory changes resulting from changes in the VAT regulations,
  • introduced multi-currency International Cash Pooling service,
  • individual accounts for the so-called Small Payment Institutions,
  • enabled SWIFT GPI transfers – immediate money transfers abroad,
  • included treasury transactions on the market of greenhouse gas emission allowances.

With regard to financing corporate customers:

  • signed 1 792 agreements for management of the Employee Capital Plans (PPK) including 1 301 agreements with companies that employ mote than 250 persons – achieving the leader position among financial institutions offering PPK,
  • concluded 21 loan agreements in the form of a banking consortium totalling PLN 28.6 billion,
  • 8 agreements for the arrangement of corporate bond issues,
  • 164 agreements for the issue of municipal bonds with a total value of PLN 1.25 billion.

With regard to brokerage activities:

  • turnover on the secondary market of shares reached PLN 29.7 billion, which accounted for 7.5% of the market turnover, and placed the Brokerage House of PKO Banku Polskiego as a leader in the ranking of brokerage houses,
  • on the primary market, organized transactions of the sale of shares of Santander Bank Polska SA by Deutsche Bank with a value of approx. PLN 560 million and sale of SPO (Secondary Public Offer) of the shares of Grupa Azoty Zakłady Chemiczne “Police” SA with a value of approx. PLN 501.6 million,
  • maintained nearly 123 thousand securities and cash accounts and over 223 thousand register accounts. In terms of the number of securities accounts, our Brokerage House ranked third among 38 market participants,
  • provided participation services in 377 funds and sub-funds managed by 12 fund management companies.
8.5 thous.
Corporate customers
1.3 thous.
Strategic customers

Other services

In the iPKO transaction service and in the IKO mobile application, we made available an online currency exchange service, which handles 10 foreign currencies. Individual customers holding a foreign-currency account with the bank may:

  • exchange currencies in real time with an immediate settlement of the transaction,
  • transact at attractive rates and access the service free of charge,
  • follow currency charts online and use text message notifications when the exchange rate reaches a certain level,
  • in combination with a multi-currency card, effectively handle their daily payments in foreign currencies,
  • order currency exchange when the exchange rate reaches the required level,
  • set up a standing order with the bank to exchange currency on a pre-defined date.

The Apple Pay service enables the use of an Apple mobile phone to make cashless transactions with the devices, while charging the account of a PKO Bank Polski credit card.

Garmin Pay enables bank’s individual customers with smartwatches to make contactless payments by using their payment cards.

Customers with impaired hearing can freely communicate with the bank’s employees and handle all banking matters. A sign language online translator (Migam) is available in every branch. It participates in the conversation between the advisor and the customer, enabling them to overcome the language barrier, and ensuring the same level of services to all customers.

PKO Bank Polski and PKO Bank Hipoteczny were the first banks from Poland to join the European pilot project Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEM). The project is aimed at creating standardized, pan-European solutions for mortgage loans granted for financing apartments and houses with energy-saving solutions.

The objective of the EEM project is to build a package of preferential terms for lenders, which will encourage them to buy energy-efficient real estate, or to improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings. In the long term, the activities conducted under the program may result in a reduction in risk weights for banks. This should act as an incentive for banks to play a key role in stimulating activities that address climate change in the European construction sector. 45 banks in various European countries are currently participating in the initiative.

An electronic accounting service (e-Bookkeeping) was made available in 2019, addressed to companies and enterprises facilitates. Its functionalities include: invoicing, corporate finance management, quick access to payments, analysis of current sales and costs, and forecasting expenses. The tool is integrated with the iPKO online banking system.

An electronic legal service (e-Lawyer) allows an entirely remote, quick and comprehensive resolution of legal problems. The e‑Prawnik service helps quickly find a lawyer who will perform the legal service requested for a pre-agreed fee. The Customer receives offers of legal assistance with the best matching specializations and can select the one that best suits his needs. The new solution will help smaller companies overcome development barriers.

An electronic debt collection service allows corporate customers to use the Vindicat platform to monitor payments on their own, select a debt collection scenario adequate to the counterparty, effectively recover receivables from unpaid invoices, and order enforcement to a legal firm via the platform.

PKO Bank Polski as the first Identity Supplier integrated its systems with the National Electronic Identification Hub, which promotes and facilitates the use of electronic public administration services. The bank’s customers can log into public administration portals using their bank login and password, and confirm their identity with the bank electronic identification service (e-Identity).

We launched an innovative investment advice service (Inwestomat) based on full automation of the purchase process in remote channels. Inwestomat shows possible scenarios for market development, presents the recommended product, and shows how to select appropriate funds, which may help the customers attain their desired goal. The offer takes into account the level of risk tolerance and expected profit, as well as timing of the investment. Customers can use Inwestomat to invest their funds starting from PLN 100.

Distribution network and access channels

We deliver advanced technological solutions to our customers, providing them with a complete, simple, functional and at the same time safe access to banking services using mobiles.

IKO is the most popular and best-developed system of mobile payments in Poland. It combines the functions of mobile banking with the ability to make mobile payments. In addition to mobile banking and payment functions, IKO is becoming an important sales channel. Nearly 3 out of 4 loans in remote channels are sold via mobile banking application.

At the end of 2019, the total number of IKO activations reached over 4.2 million. The number of customers who log into the bank from their mobile devices is growing. At the end of 2019, more than 3.4 million of the bank’s customers logged into the bank from a mobile device at least once a month (+23% y/y).

To our youngest customers, under 13 years of age, we offer the PKO Junior mobile application. The application is enhanced with features supporting financial education and the development of an entrepreneurial spirit in children.


In 2019, the following features were added to the IKO application:

  • mobile authorization of operations ordered in iPKO, Inteligo, mobile IKO application, the telephone helpline or in the branch,
  • possibility to pay parking fees and buy tickets for public transport directly in the IKO application,
  • purchase of vehicle insurance for a car and comparison of insurance offers,
  • the “Help with us” functionality, which lets customers transfer funds to support the programme areas of the PKO Foundation, or any other non-governmental organization,
  • application for a currency account, within which customers can also activate an online currency exchange and attach the newly-opened account to a multi-currency card,
  • application for an overdraft – after its submission, the customer can accept the bank’s offer and sign an agreement directly in the IKO application,
  • application for a credit card and possibility to apply for changing the limit of the credit card, without leaving home.

Our customers can use iPKO and iPKO biznes services as part of electronic banking, which provides them with continuous access to information on their accounts and products. We constantly promote the remote use of online bank accounts, self-management of accounts and banking products in the transaction service, which allowing us to reduce the costs of using banking services.

The iPKO biznes electronic banking system is addressed to all institutional customers interested in gaining online access to the standard products and specialized services, including via the mobile application.

The Contact Centre of PKO Bank Polski plays an important role in serving retail customers. Bank’s hotline employs several hundred consultants who remain at customers’ service 24 hours a day. The consultants not only handle the telephone calls, but also answer customers’ questions and requests electronically – both e-mail and website requests. Customers may also send messages in the iPKO or Inteligo transaction service and through a special Facebook tab.

In 2019, the structures of the Retail Customer Service (Contact Centre) and the Operating Centre were combined, which allowed the combined team to increase the number of tasks performed (measured per one FTE) in selected processes by approx. 27% and resulted in a significant increase in sales (+70% y/y). PKO Bank Polski is the third bank in Europe in which these structures have been combined.

As part of the process of automation of customer service, the Contact Centre consultants are supported by a robot that provides answers to verification questions, which shortens the time of their conversation per customer by as much as 20 seconds.

At the end of 2019, the network of branches of PKO Bank Polski consisted of 1 043 retail branches clustered in 11 regional divisions, 8 private banking offices and 11 corporate banking offices. Compared with the end of 2018, the number of retail branches decreased by 40.

The optimization of the branch network is carried out on a continuous basis, and the decision on the branch’s operation in a particular micro-market is made with reference to economic criteria, taking into account the growth potential of that micro-market. The bank constantly improves customer service conditions, as part of the new standard of branches, which assumes creating a modern bank facility, friendly to the bank’s customers and employees. The new standard is supported by new technologies – a WIFI zone, self-service tills, mobile phone chargers, LCD monitors, tablets, authorization of selected customer orders at the counter using text messages, which firmly support the process of educating customers and changing their habits in using banking services.

The sales network of the corporate segment comprises 33 Regional Corporate Centres clustered in 7 Corporate Regional Divisions and branches in Germany and Czech Republic.


Operating data of the retail and corporate segments

2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 Change since: 2018
Number of branches in the retail segment 1 073 1 113 1 153 1 198 1 238 -40
regional retail branches 11 11 11 11 11 0
retail branches 1 043 1 083 1 132 1 179 1 219 -40
private banking branches 8 8 8 8 8 0
corporate banking branches 11 11 2 0 0 0
Number of branches in the corporate and investment segment 42 42 41 40 40 0
regional corporate branches 7 7 7 7 7 0
regional corporate centres 33 33 32 32 32 0
foreign branches 2 2 2 1 1 0
Number of ATMs 3 080 3 133 3 190 3 206 3 196 -53
Number of agencies 538 577 745 837 881 -39

The Private Banking Offices serve customers in the largest Polish cities: Warsaw, Gdańsk, Kraków, Katowice, Poznań, Wrocław, Łódź, Szczecin and Bydgoszcz. At the end of 2019, the Private Banking Centre managed a portfolio of assets with a value of nearly PLN 32 billion (2018: PLN 25 billion). Over 2019, the number of customers served reached 15.3 thousand (+13% y/y).

The Corporate Banking Centre is an optimal environment created for the development of businesses with revenues ranging from PLN 5 million to PLN 30 million, and similar product and service needs.

A separate service centre makes it possible to project the image of PKO Bank Polski as a reliable business partner for Polish businesses thanks to:

  • a specially-appointed service team,
  • creation of a specialized group of mobile advisors cooperating directly with credit analysts,
  • improving the advisors’ credit competences, better matching of the product and price range, tailored to customer’s needs, and reducing the time required to make a credit decision due to improvements to lending process,
  • limiting paper documentation exchanged with the bank, using remote methods of direct communication with customers, as well as automating processes via iPKO.

All individual and corporate customers of PKO Bank Polski who have cards for their bank accounts can use the self-service cash points with touch screens.

The following functions are available to customers: cash deposits into their own account, cash withdrawals, transfers between their own accounts, transfers to any account, setting up a deposit account, checking or printing out the account balance, among many other transactions currently available in ATMs.

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