Our strategic goals

We achieved our strategic financial goals that we had set out in November 2016 two years in advance.

Annual Report

Vision and aspirations 2020-2022

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Pursuit of the strategy for 2016-2020

PKO Bank Polski accomplished, two years in advance, its strategic financial goals for 2020 set out in November 2016 with regard to ROE, effectiveness, risk appetite and capital adequacy, at the same time maintaining the ability to pay out dividends. This was one of the key reasons for updating the strategy and setting new goals for the organization until 2022.

Due to the scale of its operations, PKO Bank Polski currently outperforms its domestic rivals in all key areas. It provides services to 10.4 million individual customers, nearly 500 thousand firms and enterprises, and 15.8 thousand corporate, local-government and institutional customers. Among the Group’s entities there are leaders of the financial market in their segments – including PKO Leasing on the lease market, and PKO TFI on the market for investment funds of individuals.

10.4 million
Individual customers
500 thousand
Firms and enterprises
15.8 thousand
Corporate, local government and
institutional customers

From the moment of adoption of the 2016-2020 strategy, the PKO Bank Polski Group has improved its ROE from 9.1% at the end of 2016 to 10.0% at the end of 2019. At the same time, it systematically increased the effectiveness of its operations by reducing C/I ratio from 47.4% at the end of 2016 to 41.9% at the end of 2019.

PKO Bank Polski is a bank that is available wherever it is needed by its customers, who in line with the world trends increasingly choose the remote banking channels. The number of current accounts of individual customers went up by almost 14% over the past three years, despite a drop in the number of bank’s outlets from over 1 200 to 1 115.

The number of active IKO applications went up from 1 million to over 4.2 million, and the number of transactions performed via IKO increased from PLN 9.9 million at the end of 2016 to PLN 119.5 million at the end of 2019.

The safety, ease of use of the application and access to attractive products available through those platforms gives us the best scores from our customers. This is why IKO was ranked the best mobile banking application in the world for the second time in 2019.

PKO Bank Polski is the most valuable company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, appreciated domestically and abroad. A year ago, the bank became the only company out of 37 Polish firms included in the group of large companies in the FTSE Russell index for developed markets.

In 2019, PKO Bank Polski for the fifth time was awarded the title of “Bank of the Year in Poland”, granted by the British monthly journal, The Banker. International experts appreciated the bank for its digital transformation, which is permanently embedded in the organization’s DNA.

ROE at the end of 2019

The accomplishment of strategic goals in 2019:

  • PKO’s offer of Konto dla Młodych (Account for the Young) – a modern form of cash management using internet and mobile banking earmarked for 18 to 26 years old,
  • PKO Business account “e-Biznes”, earmarked for individuals engaged in business activities, covering access to tools supporting online sales,
  • e-Lawyer – a new service for small- and medium-sized enterprises enabling a fast and totally remote and comprehensive resolution of a customer’s legal problem,
  • e-Bookkeeping – tools and solutions for small- and medium-sized enterprises that facilitate independent management of the finances and accounting systems of a business, integrated with other electronic banking services,
  • electronic debt collection (e-Windykacja) – a solution for small and medium-sized companies, which facilitates effective collection of overdue invoices,
  • providing entrepreneurs with the ability to confirm online their data entered on the Social Insurance Office (ZUS) account,
  • providing corporate customers with the ability to check a counterparty’s account on the white list of VAT taxpayers, attach to iPKO biznes accounts from other banks, also foreign ones, as well as SWIFT Global Payments Innovation services which allows money to be sent between banks in different countries within express deadlines,
  • introducing changes in the iPKO, Inteligo and IKO transactional services which ensure reinforced security for account holders: strong authorization, masking one-off passwords, shortening of sessions in the transactional service.
  • implementing new solutions and facilitations in servicing the deaf in all branches and agencies of PKO Bank Polski.
  • mobile authorization of transactions – a new method of authorizing transactions commissioned in the iPKO internet service, Inteligo and on the hotline using the IKO application,
  • comprehensive servicing of foreign exchange transactions in IKO – foreign currency accounts with a multi-currency card and activation of eKantor (electronic currency exchange office) were placed under one mobile service,
  • Google Play, Netflix and other gift cards available through the iPKO internet service – a new service enabling customers to top-up their platforms with entertainment and applications,
  • implementing the possibility of purchasing city transport tickets in the IKO mobile application,
  • enabling the sale of automotive insurance in remote channels (IKO and iPKO),
  • introducing “my ID” service (in effect of the cooperation with the National Clearing House) that enables remote confirmation of identity,
  • further optimization of the network of branches based on the economic feasibility of their operation, which includes both changing the character of the outlets and reducing their number,
  • opening the revitalized Rotunda building, which is one of the architectural landmarks in Warsaw and Poland.
  • PKO TFI reaching a level of nearly 1.8 thousand agreements for managing the Employee Capital Plans (PPK) – the highest number among all financial institutions.
  • first use of SAF (Standard Audit Files) on the market by PKO Bank Polski with regard to enhancing and digitizing customer service processes,
  • completion of another stage of digitization of sales and service processes,
  • merger of the Contact Center with the Operation Center (as the third bank in Europe) that led to increase in efficiency of processes and use of human capital,
  • making available a new solution in the network of branches, which enables the authorization of selected transactions and orders using SMS (text messages) – material paper savings in the bank,
  • achieving a level of over 0.7 million Trusted Profiles in the bank’s transaction service sites and promoting fast and easy access to public e-administration services,
  • implementing the first automated processes in the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology to increase the effectiveness of back-office processes without the need to increase the number of employees.

Continuing the digital transformation program “New Organization and Cooperation” aimed at changing the corporate culture into a more modern, effective and constantly improving one.

  • development of the “Let’s Fintech” programme, which enables PKO Bank Polski to develop cooperation with start-ups and to engage in searching for new technological solutions available on the market,
  • continuing work on implementing solutions based on Al (Artificial Intelligence), in particular advanced data analytics and voice assistant,
  • starting operating activities of the National Cloud Operator and concluding a strategic partnership with the global technological partner – Google,
  • providing production API as part of open banking,
  • launching an innovative advisory service in the investment funds offer, “Inwestomat”, with fully automated purchase processes in remote channels.
  • acquisition of PCM by PKO Leasing, allowing the latter to become a leader in leasing activities and managing car fleets more effectively,
  • participation of PKO Bank Polski and PKO Bank Hipoteczny (as the first banks in Poland) in the pilot project Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEM).

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