Development directions

Development directions of PKO Bank Polski are set out in the strategy for 2020–2022 “PKO Bank of the Future. We support the development of Poland and the Poles”, which was approved by the bank's Supervisory Board on 17 November 2019.

Annual Report

Strategy of PKO Bank Polski for 2020-2022

The strategy is a response to the changing business environment, in which the bank operates, as well as the new challenges that have emerged in recent years.


Bank’s development is driven by the unavoidable need to use cloud computing, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, as well as by the growing importance of cybersecurity. The ever-rising expectations of customers regarding the services offered by financial institutions also have an impact on personalization of products and services based on data available in real time.

In the coming years, we will follow our path of digital transformation. To an even greater extent, we will use innovations and modern technologies to transform ourselves into PKO Bank of the Future. We will also deepen the relations with our customers by further intensive development of remote channels and offer personalization driven by advanced data analytics.


The updated strategy focuses on four pillars, which we plan to develop and reinforce over the next 3 years. PKO Bank of the Future will be:

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The digital banking model assumes an increasing use of remote channels and further digitization of sale and post-sale processes. We will further improve the primary relationship with our customers through offer personalization powered by advanced data analytics. This strategy also applies to development of the firm and enterprise segment. Our network of traditional branches will increasingly play an advisory role and support the digital education of customers.

181 million
Mobile transactions in 2019
Average number of transactions in IKO
7.4 million
Interactions in remote channels every 24h
IKO users accessing BLIK
Sales processes available in remote channels
Service processes available in remote channels

We will use the possibilities provided by API engaging the strength of the entire bank’s Group. We will also offer services that go beyond traditional banking, including cloud computing.

The National Cloud Operator (OChK), whose key shareholder and initiator is the bank, will become the primary channel for selling pioneer services to companies. OChK will support digital transformation processes and provide innovative solutions to accelerate business development of Polish enterprises, irrespective of their scale of operations. It will consistently pursue the strategy of international expansion by developing the network of foreign branches and tools supporting the operations of Polish enterprises abroad.

We will continue digitization of processes, making use of robotics, artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics among other technologies. As a result of using cloud services, our IT infrastructure will be easily scalable and adaptable to the growing demand for computing power. We will also employ these new technologies in detecting and reacting to external threats as part of our cybersecurity system.

We will develop a friendly and modern work environment, using agile methods and building autonomous teams, focusing on the growing cooperation within the organization. We will also develop our teams’ technological and leadership skills, ensuring that our employees, in particular IT teams, can work with the best technologies available.


New competences and technologies

  • Development of technological competences (e.g. ux designer, data scientist)
  • Work in the best-in-class technologies (AI, cloud)
  • Participation in diverse projects, promoted internally

Friendly and inspiring work environment

  • Adopting modern, agile approach
  • Creating autonomous and reliable teams
  • Spaces encouraging cooperation and creative work
  • Supporting mobility of employees

The strategy takes into account the non-financial factors (ESG): environmental, social and governance factors. PKO Bank of the Future:

  • is aware of the challenges resulting from climate change,
  • gradually eliminates actions harmful to the environment,
  • supports environmental education,
  • is driven by the principle of social responsibility,
  • takes into account the impact of its activities on the society, customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders,
  • improves its corporate governance,
  • ensures transparency of its management principles.

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