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We are changing, recognizing the impact of innovation on financial services. We marked our digital transformation by revising the bank’s Articles of Association to expand the scope of our operations to technological services. This is the expectation of our clients and investors.

Annual Report
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The digital transformation program launched at PKO Bank Polski is a continuation of many projects and the foundation for building a modern multi-channel organization. It covers our internal processes, as well as customer services. The transformation is supported by innovative solutions, created in cooperation with our technological partners and start-ups, a rapid development of mobile distribution channels, advanced data analytics, and changes in the organizational culture and working methods.

We are gradually changing, recognizing the impact of innovation on financial services. We are becoming an even more open and dynamic organization – an innovative market leader with an excellent work environment. We build digital customer experience by developing these key areas:

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Technology platforms
New ways of working



Data and analytics
Technological readiness for the future


The next stage in our dynamic development is the transfer of PKO Bank Polski to the cloud. The bank is the key shareholder and initiator of the National Cloud Operator, which – within a year after commencing its operations – entered into a strategic partnership with Google, and subsequently also Microsoft. We want the bank’s key business IT systems to operate in a cloud computing environment, based on hybrid architecture.

Hybrid cloud is a solution that assumes a simultaneous use of public cloud resources and securing resources from a private environment. Thanks to such combination, cloud solutions maintain flexibility, on the one hand, and the highest level of security, on the other. The Road to Cloud of PKO Bank Polski assumes the use of such methods, including in the IKO banking mobile application, which will allow us to dynamically and safely develop value-added services for our clients.

Thanks to our solid foundations and technological competences, we are already an open ecosystem. We will continue to develop services around specific moments of our customers. We will use the possibilities offered by API, as before engaging the entire Group of PKO Bank Polski. We will also offer clients services that go beyond traditional banking.

As part of Let’s Fintech acceleration initiative, the bank invests in the most promising technology companies and establishes business cooperation with innovative start-ups, grants access to its API and promotes open banking. In its first year of launching, over 300 start-ups have signed up to the program.

Technological evolution required from us building advanced analytical skills. Our largest client base among banks creates conditions for setting standard in customer service, products and services offered, and in technological innovations. Thanks to a solid database of active and transactional clients , we can use advanced data analytics of large data sets and design services that are based on it. We can also include additional parameters in the credit risk assessment. The potential to set market standards, in combination with a greater ability to finance business ventures, gives us the opportunity to maintain an advantage over our competitors.

Since 2010, PKO Bank Polski has gained momentum by implementing digital transformation, while simultaneously developing its technology platforms. Every day, the bank’s clients log into electronic banking 4 million times and perform approx. 6 million transactions. A team of 1 500 engineers employed at the bank is supported by the largest IT providers and has the most modern data processing center in Poland at its disposal. Accordingly, the bank is able to daily perform 45 IT implementations.

In the era of online banking, we followed the needs of our clients, offering them the best tools regardless of the operational segment (iPKO, iPKO biznes, Junior and SKO). Today, we offer them the best mobile application in the world and we go beyond traditional banking services – creating an ecosystem of value-added services. We created the foundations for the nationwide BLIK payment system with 10.6 million users, and potential for international development.

The specialized CERT unit operating within the bank’s structure ensures IT security of services offered to customers. CERT of PKO Bank Polski  belongs to a working group of European response teams and the Trusted Introducer organization operating along it. Joining international organizations allows the bank’s CERT team to response to cybersecurity threats faster and more effectively, through operational cooperation, and exchange experience and knowledge with similar teams around the world. The bank’s membership confirms the high level of services provided to our customers, and a recognition for the professionalism and skills of our teams in establishing IT security for the bank.

As part of international cooperation in the exchange of information regarding cyber threats, in 2019 the bank used information about malware, incidents or phishing attacks, in particular data on new emerging threats and trends from CIRCL – The Computer Incident Response Center Luxembourg and NICP – the participating institutions in NATO Industry Cyber ​​Partnership, of which PKO Bank Polski is a member, as the only bank from Poland.

Through consistent development of our mobile app, we have built customer engagement:

IKO is currently the most popular and transactional application on the Polish market

The IKO mobile application has become a daily necessity for customers of PKO Bank Polski. Within 7 years, innovative solutions have been implemented into the application, including the functionality to scan invoices, purchase transport tickets, exchange currency or purchase a car insurance. During this time, our clients completed 350 million transactions for a total of over PLN 12 billion. According to Google Play store, IKO has exceeded 5 million downloads as the first application among apps of all banks in Poland.

The best application in the world according to the Retail Banker International 2019

We have created the best mobile banking application in the world thanks to advanced analytical tools to improve customer experience.

High customer ratings are the most important for us. We achieve them by behavioral analysis using advanced analytics of large data sets and designing services based on it.

BEHEX – proprietary solution of PKO Bank Polski awarded with the SAP Innovation Award 2017.

Our ambition is to provide clients with all the services they need in one app – IKO 5.0

Further digitization of sale and after-sale processes in mobile app
360 view
Leveraging PSD2 opportunities: finance management in one place and a smart personal finance manager
Growing digital ecosystem matching non-financial needs of our clients: public transportation and parking tickets, insurance platform


The future of mobile banking means efficient customer service using voice technology and artificial intelligence (AI).

The first stage of implementation already in tests:

  • Basic navigation through the application, balance check
  • Payments (transfer to a defined recipient, to an account number, phone number)
  • BLIK functionalities
  • Phone top-up
  • Small talk
  • Frequently asked questions regarding products

Next wave:

  • Full IKO functionality available via voice commands
  • Advisory and support functions in financial management
  • Integration with Google assistant

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