We are changing, recognizing the impact of innovation on financial services. We marked our digital transformation by revising the bank’s Articles of Association to expand the scope of our operations to technological services. This is the expectation of our clients and investors.

Annual Report
Bank in the Cloud
The National Cloud Operator, whose key shareholder and initiator is the bank, offers innovative solutions for data storage and remote processing. A strategic parternship with Google and Microsoft gives Polish entrepreneurs and public administration access to advanced global technologies.
Digital transformation
We adopt innovations and modern technologies, transforming ourselves into PKO Banking Platform. We strengthen the relationship with our clients through continued, thorough development of digital channels and offer personalization. The bank’s retail branch network will gradually evolve into an advisory and digital education centre.
Cooperation with start-ups
As part of Let’s Fintech acceleration initiative, the bank invests in the most promising technology companies and establishes business cooperation with innovative start-ups, grants access to its API and promotes open banking. In its first year of launching, over 300 start-ups have signed up to the program.
Blockchain technology
Last year we created a durable data carrier based on blockchain technology in cooperation with KIR and our technology partners. Advanced works on further blockchain implementations are underway at the bank. We are also conducting R&D projects to find internal applications of the blockchain technology to support our existing infrastructure.
Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence is already present at PKO Bank Polski! In cooperation with Emplocity, a Polish start-up, we launched a new tool that uses artificial intelligence in the recruitment process. Anyone interested in working at the largest bank in Poland can talk to an intelligent recruitment chatbot – Emplobot.
Security of our clients’ funds is our top priority. We continuously improve the quality and security of our systems, and safeguard the integrity of banking networks. We use world’s best technologies in construction and cyber protection of the bank’s award-winning app IKO.
Advanced data analytics
PKO Bank Polski has the largest database of active and transactional clients, which enables us to use big data algorithms and advanced analytics in designing best-quality banking services. Access to large data sets and inclusion of additional parameters in credit risk assessment also improves our risk management process.
Tailor-made offer
We want to strengthen the relationship with our clients through personalization of products and services. Thanks to a high number of client interactions and advanced analytics, PKO Bank Polski is creating a system that will present a tailored offer to each client based on their unique characteristics and real-time data.
Ecosystem of modern services
We exceed the limits of traditional banking by providing our clients with a comprehensive banking offer integrated with non-financial services such as travel insurance, transport tickets and others. Our ambition is to supply clients with all services they need in one application.


strategy target
C/I ratio
strategy target
Cost of risk
strategy target

The strategy update is our next chapter in the same, good story we have been telling for a decade. With this strategy, we boldly enter into the second century of PKO Bank Polski. We are well-prepared for the challenges set before us by the competitive environment and the legitimate, high expectations of our customers, shareholders and employees.

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Zbigniew Jagiełło

CEO of PKO Bank Polski


The PKO Bank Polski Group generated PLN 4.03 billion in net profit in 2019. This is the best result in the entire history of the bank and an excellent milestone to mark the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of our operations. The decisions we made several years ago, focusing on digitization, innovation and technological development, pay off in our stable and repeatable results, market shares and client satisfaction, which is crucial to us.

The highest profit generated over the bank’s 100-year history. Achieved in the environment of high regulatory costs and materialization of legal risks. As in previous years, profits were supported by a very good result on business activites amounting to PLN 14.7 bln that grew mainly due to an improvement in net interest income (which rose by 10.0% y/y to PLN 10.3 bln).

4.03 bln PLN
Net profit in 2019
Increase in net profit y/y

The reinforcement of the capital base (an increase in average equity by 7.9% y/y) together with a 7.8% y/y financial result dynamics translated into stable return on equity (ROE) of 10.0% at the end of 2019, an unchanged level compared with the previous year.

Group’s ROE
in 2019
Polish banking sector's
ROE in 2019

We have increased the effectiveness of our operations by reducing the cost-to-income (C/I) ratio to 41.9% that marks an improvement of 2.3 p.p. y/y due to a higher result on business activities (+10.0% y/y) and smaller increase in operating costs (+4.3% y/y).

C/I ratio in 2019
-2.3 p.p.
Improvement y/y

An improvement in risk indicators, despite an increase in gross financing to clients by around 3.6% y/y, has been the result of a continued, conservative credit risk management and a close monitoring of the loan portfolio at the Group level.

Cost of credit risk
in 2019
-0.12 p.p.
Improvement y/y

The number of current accounts of individual customers went up by almost 14% over the past three years, despite a drop in the number of bank’s outlets. According to the new methodology for account classification, bank reports all active current accounts considered to have the potential for further development of the existing relationship with the customer.

8 012 thous.
Current accounts
at the end of 2019
Current account
increase y/y

We have the largest network of branches and agencies out of all banks in Poland. The vast distribution network of PKO Bank Polski enables access to banking services for all Poles and counteracts their financial exclusion. Our network will gradually evolve into an advisory and digital education centre for customers. Electronic banking is an important supplement to the distribution network of banking products and services.

1 115
Bank’s branches
at the end of 2019
Retail agencies

PKO Bank Polski Group is one of the largest employers in Poland. At the end of 2019, it employed almost 28 thousand people on full-time contracts, of which 85% were the bank’s employees (23.6 thousand FTEs). In our foreign offices in Ukraine, Czech Republic and Germany, we employ almost 2 thousand people, or 7% of the Group’s total employment.

27.7 thous.
Group’s FTEs
at the end of 2019
12.8 thous.
Employees in
the bank’s branches

One of the strategic goals of the bank for the years 2016-2020 is to simplify and streamline its processes by minimizing the number of paper documents. The SMARTOP project regarding the digitization of sales and support processes was launched in 2017. Already 51% of orders submitted in the bank’s branches are carried out in paperless format.

Decrease in A4 paper consumption y/y
Decrease in consumption
over past 3 years

In 2019, we adpopted a policy for financing of the carbon-intensive energy sector. Its main objective is a gradual change in the loan portfolio structure towards reducing the exposure to coal-based customers and transactions, and increasing the exposure to green entities and transactions supporting zero-emission or low carbon-intensive energy sources.

Balance sheet exposure to carbon-intensive energy sectors in 2019
Balance sheet exposure
associated with
green industries

The number of women in the bank’s Group is 3x higher than the number of men. There are roles held almost entirely by women – they include sales and customer service roles. Women currently represent 85% of the workforce in the bank’s sales network.

Proportion of women
in regular roles
Proportion of women in senior management roles

Regular workers make up 87% of the employees of the bank’s Group and 88% of the employees of the bank, the rest are middle and senior managers. Most of the Group’s and the bank’s employees have been employed for more than 10 years.

Group’s employees
> 10-year service
Bank’s employees
> 10-year service

Our sponsorship activities are aimed at supporting the bank’s image as a trustworthy, socially-engaged, modern and open financial institution. Our objective is to portray the bank as a leader and trend-setter of the financial sector, also in comparison to other institutions having the same business profile. For several years, promoting the physical activity of Poles has been a key element of our sponsorship activities.

Funds spent on sport initiatives in 2019
Funds spent on entrepreneurial activities


IKO, the bank’s mobile application, is the most popular and most transactional application in Poland. According to Retail Banker International, which includes 100 bank applications in its ranking, IKO is the best application in the world. Every half a second our clients make mobile payments, and they already log into IKO 60% more often than using the iPKO online banking website.
So far, they have made 350 million transactions via IKO.

4.5 mln
Active IKO applications
4.8/5 points
IKO’s average rating
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PKO Bank Polski follows the principles of social responsibility and takes into account the impact of its actions on shareholders, suppliers, employees and the general public. These principles pursued by the bank in the non-financial areas of its operations include:

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  1. Environment: it is aware of the challenges resulting from climate change, gradually eliminates activities that are harmful for the environment, supports environmental education.
  2. Society: it follows the principle of social responsibility, takes into account the impact of its actions on the general public, clients, suppliers, employees and shareholders.
  3. Corporate governance: it improves corporate governance and ensures transparent principles of management.
Signature on a touch screen
instead of paper
By the end of June 2020, a confirmation of cash payment, withdrawal and transfer orders will become available by signature on a touch screen in 500 branches in Poland.
Sign language interpreter
available in all branches
The bank counteracts social and financial exclusion of disabled people by implementing new solutions for special groups. The sign language interpreter Migam is available in all branches and agencies of the bank.
Cloud disk for corporates
Cloud computing is becoming popular among entrepreneurs. For a simple reason: it is secure and cheaper than classic solutions. Cloud storage is another digital service for companies offered by PKO Bank Polski.
PKO Bank Polski’s CERT
among the best in Europe
Following several years of accreditation process, our computer emergency response team became a certified member of the Trusted Introducer, the largest association of teams responding to digital security incidents in Europe.
Eco Cash loan for the purchase
and installation of solar panels
PKO Bank Polski’s analysts predict that photovoltaic sector will expand dynamically in Poland in the coming years. Our product offer supports electricity generation from renewable sources.
Bank accessible for blind
and visually-impaired people
Blind and visually-impaired people who want to use banking services need customized solutions. PKO Bank Polski is ready to serve those clients.
Energy-efficient mortgages
for home financing
Energy Efficient Mortgages pilot was launched jointly by PKO Bank Polski and PKO Bank Hipoteczny. The project’s objective is to create standardized pan-European solutions for mortgage loans for financing energy-efficient apartments and houses.
Bank’s participation in
green government bonds
PKO Bank Polski has also participated in the previous two sovereign placements, including the inaugural green bond issuance by the government of Poland – the first country to issue a sovereign green bond in 2016.
Donating funds to local
charity projects in return for smiles
Several branches of PKO Bank Polski in Poland have been equipped with Quantum CX sensors, which track down the number of smiles of our branch consultants and clients. The bank allocates funds to local charity initiatives in return for smiles.
PKO Bank Polski
powered by women
Three quarters of the bank’s employees are women. PKO Bank Polski supports them at various stages of their careers and personal life, including by offering flexible working hours and part-time employment.
Another edition of the
Honorary Banking Blood Donation
The campaign was initiated by the employees of PKO Bank Polski, who have been involved in blood collections all over the country for the past 11 years. In 2019, thanks to blood banks set up in 12 Polish cities we collected nearly 800 litres of blood.
Product offer for companies
in creative sectors
As part of the guarantee scheme Creative Europe, small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the arts and culture sector can apply for a bank loan in our branches, without additional collateral.
Offering equal opportunities
to disabled employees
PKO Bank Polski became the first financial institution to cooperate with the Polish State Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (PFRON) to support the social and professional activation of people with disabilities.
First issuance of
green covered bonds
PKO Bank Hipoteczny was the first mortgage bank in Poland to join an elite group of international issuers offering green covered bonds.
Digital revolution in
investment funds’ offer
Our intelligent Inwestomat advises the clients on building their savings pot by recommending investment funds tailored to their financial needs and objectives.
All corporate bank accounts connected in iPKO biznes
The new service of PKO Bank Polski is addressed to corporate clients who can access and manage their accounts open in other banks, including foreign banks, via iPKO biznes platform.
New participation record of
PKO Charity Run
Over 9 thousand runners took part in the 5th edition of the charity run, empowering the PKO Foundation to donate PLN 1 million to support extracurricular education for children and youth in educational and care facilities.
PKO Bank Polski again among
the best employers in Poland
The prestigious title of Poland’s Top Employer 2020 is awarded upon evaluation of the bank’s policies related to its talent development strategy, HR policies and their effectiveness.

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